EWU Student, Shanneaka Anderson, awarded a scholarship to pursue her Ph.D in Immunology at UPenn

Shanneaka Anderson, a student at Edward Waters University (EWU) who is in her final year of her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, has been awarded a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania to pursue her Ph.D. in Immunology in 2022. In honor of her grandfather who passed away due to prostate cancer, Anderson intends to research Immunology to understand the interactions between tumor cells and immune cells in the nervous system. Through her research, she hopes to create new immunotherapeutic techniques in cancer treatment.

Anderson is an international student who is originally from Jamaica. Having come from a different cultural background, she sought out ways to make the best of her university experience by consistently taking the initiative to improve her resumé and enrich her relationships with others. While she has been at EWU, she became part of a society called Foundation & Fortitude, a society that focused on the empowerment of women. Additionally, Anderson also ran for junior class president, a position that she says has “taught her a lot about time management and multitasking, which is good for pursuing a Ph.D.” Dr. Brian Seymour has been her mentor while she has been at EWU and she cites this type of relationship as being important to the growth and improvement of students at EWU. She encourages her fellow classmates and peers to take action and to not be afraid of taking risks if it is for the betterment of their university life. “This,” Anderson says, “will help people to improve their resumés so that when they graduate, they can get better job opportunities.”

Once she has finished her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, Anderson intends to continue her research while staying in the field of academia, as she feels that there is more flexibility to achieve her dream of creating new immunotherapeutic techniques for cancer patients.

Anderson will graduate from EWU in May of 2022. We wish the best of luck to her for her future endeavors at the University of Pennsylvania!