A. Zachary Faison, Jr.’s venture into higher education was, in large part, “providentially destined,” he says.

With family members serving as educators, administrators and educational consultants, and a transformative undergraduate experience at Albany State University (ASU), Faison set out with an “unshakable confidence” and responsibility to uplift his community through service in the historically Black college and university (HBCU) sphere.

“Once I became a student, the experience changed the course of my life,” Faison says of his time at ASU. “The cultural solidarity and academic intentionality of the community towards the pursuit of Black excellence in every endeavor was something I had never seen or experienced. I was simply awestruck and forever changed!”

The Atlanta native sought to become a leader that could “pay forward” the same investments that numerous faculty, staff, administrators and ASU’s first woman president Dr. Portia Holmes Shields made to him.

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