Edward Waters University To Mark Renovation Completion of Hatcher-Stewart Science and Mathematics Building at Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Next Week 

As students, faculty, and staff at Edward Waters University (EWU) return next week to Florida’s first historically black college or university for the start of the Spring 2024 semester, the university will excitedly host an official ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the completion of a significant renovation to the campus’s main academic and instructional building. The $1.6 million-dollar project began in late 2022 and is the first major renovation of the campus’s primary academic building in over fifty years. This latest campus facilities improvement initiative represents another significant step in the university’s ongoing effort to provide a heightened experience and more competitive learning environment to its academic community through the continuous enhancement of its campus academic and capital infrastructure.

The Hatcher-Stewart Mathematics and Science Building

“We are ecstatic to have completed this much-needed campus facilities improvement project for the direct benefit of our university community and especially our students and faculty,” said EWU President & CEO, Dr. A. Zachary Faison, Jr. “It is imperative that we maintain a teaching and learning environment that is conducive to supporting student’s academic success and the enhancement of our instructional spaces is paramount in that continuing effort,” President Faison said.       

Originally constructed in 1969, the Hatcher-Stewart Science and Mathematics building is EWU’s largest academic and instructional campus facility featuring nearly 25,000 square feet of instructional and academic office space. The facility houses a multiplicity of academic classrooms, laboratories, lecture rooms, faculty offices, as well as faculty lounge space.

Classes for the upcoming Spring 2024 term begin on January 16th and students and faculty will return to the newly renovated facility for the first time in nearly eighteen months. Over the past year and a half, in-person classes and faculty offices were temporarily relocated to the James Weldon Johnson (JWJ) Complex, Centennial Building, Polly-Brooks Building, Sports and Music Complex, Milne Auditorium, and/or the Criminal Justice Building.  

“Teaching and learning are central to the EWU student experience, and I am very excited for this unveiling and the difference this renovation will make for our students and faculty,” said Dr. Genyne Henry Boston, EWU Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

”This is the first major comprehensive renovation we’ve seen in decades for our campus’s primary academic edifice. This state-of-the-art facility upgrade was worth the wait, and marks another historical moment for our institution,” Provost Boston said. 

Accordingly, the list of notable capital and infrastructural improvements that have been facilitated through the renovation of the Hatcher-Stewart building include but are not limited to the following: 


  • Complete replacement and installation of new flooring and lighting in all building classrooms including laboratories and facility common area hallways.
  • New painting throughout the facility including classrooms, laboratories, facility common area hallways, and replacement and installation of new ceiling tiles throughout the facility. 
  • New exterior windows throughout the entirety of the facility.
  • Installation and completion of a newly paved parking lot for university faculty.
  • Comprehensive renovation of all building restroom facilities to include new flooring, painting, and replacement of restroom fixtures, stalls, and lighting.  
  • Renovation of all faculty offices to include installation of new carpeting, new lighting and new painting in all faculty offices and workspaces as well construction of a new faculty lounge outfitted new furniture and appliances.  
  • Purchase and installation of complementary uniform lecture and desk-style classroom furniture for students featuring new tables and chairs in select classrooms. 
  • Fully refreshed vestibule (i.e., new painting, flooring, lighting, and furniture) and new common area seating for students and building patrons (1st and 2nd floor levels).
  • Repositioning of recently purchased new state-of-the-art SMART classroom technology and learning equipment/devices in all classrooms to better support a more conducive environment for enhanced teaching and student learning. 


Relatedly, this latest upgrade to the Hatcher-Stewart building comes after a nearly quarter of a million dollar renovation and upgrade to the university’s Biology laboratory completed in 2021 (located in the same facility), the dedication and grand opening of a half-a-million-dollar new campus student activity center in 2022, and a forthcoming $3.4 million comprehensive renovation of the campus student dining hall scheduled to commence later this month (January 2024) and slated for completion during the upcoming Fall 2024 semester.

“We are experiencing a period of tremendously positive programmatic and physical transformation throughout our university community, and we look forward with great anticipation to the continued growth, expansion, and improvement of our campus infrastructure and facilities in all facets to optimally support the experiences of our students, faculty, and staff,” said President Faison. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the official reopening of the Hatcher-Stewart Science and Mathematics Building will be held on Wednesday, January 10th, at 11:00 a.m. in the building lobby on the campus of Edward Waters University. All members of the EWU community and public are cordially invited and welcome to attend.  

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