September 12, 2023

Greetings Tigers: 

As we prepare for Flu Season, please be sure to pay attention to the following advisory:

Should you experience flu-like symptoms or test positive for COVID 19- please adhere to the following guidance: 

1)     Who do I contact? Send an email to me, Dr. Hodges, Vice President for Student Success & Engagement ([email protected]) informing me of your exposure and or status. This will be kept confidential and will only be communicated to those on the COVID-19 Task Force.

2)     How will my Professors be Notified? Dr. Hodges will communicate directly to Dr. Campbell, Associate Provost for Operations and Academic Support Services who will communicate with all of your professors for you. Please do not contact your professors! We ask that you refrain from attending in-person classes for 5 days as recommended by CDC (for COVID 19).

3)     What if I live in a Residence Hall or Residential Apartment? If you live in one of our residence halls, you should isolate as best as possible. While we are not mandating that you remove yourself from the residential hall as in the past, we do ask that you be considerate and thoughtful in masking up when in public, limiting your public presence to necessary locations such as restrooms and the dining hall. When visiting the dining hall and restrooms, we ask that you” mask-up” and take your food to go. Students who knowingly violate this request risk being removed permanently from residence life. You will receive a contract tracing form from Mr. Matthews, Director of Residence Life and Housing that must be completed within two hours or receipt.

4)     How Can I be Proactive? Continue to wear your masks (double up with fabric masks), invest in a KN95 mask, and be vigilant in social distancing especially indoors. Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19 | CDC 

Dr. Jame’l R. Hodges
Vice President for Student Success & Engagement