Facilities Management

Mr. John Adams

Director Of Facilities and Campus Operations

Edward Waters University (EWU) is committed to the proper management and upkeep of our institution’s physical plant – the building, grounds, and facilities that make up the physical infrastructure of EWU.  Regular preventative maintenance and conducting necessary repairs are critical to the ensuring spaces for living and learning provide comfort, but also functionality and safety.  As a department, Facilities seeks to provide professional care and stewardship of the University’s physical plant, while operating within the allocation of resources extended by the institution.

Relatedly, the institution has secured as a partner to provide the facilities management of the campus and its respective facilities.  The institution works closely with our partner to ensure quality assurance measures are in place for proper cleaning, maintenance, and the meeting of other attendant needs.  This entity provides service to over 30 buildings and responds to over 200 work orders per month, with high priority on the maintenance of the University’s mechanical systems as well as non-maintenance requests of individual departments.

As such, EWU depends on all of the University’s community members to work together in appropriately responding to the needs of the facilities management to make our campus a safe, secure, and functional living and learning environment.

Building and Venue Information

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