Divine Ogugua

At the beginning of 2022, two Edward Waters University (EWU) sophomores, Divine Ogugua and Adeleye Mesogboriwon, were selected to participate in a boot camp that was set up by 2U in partnership with Netflix. Originally known as the Netflix Pathways Boot Camp, the program was established to specifically target HBCU students to provide them with an opportunity to get a head start into the tech industry. The courses that are taken throughout an eight-week period place an emphasis on User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design. In other words, students who are selected to participate in this program study UX/UI, which are the essential basics to work in the tech industry.

With the courses that are offered in this program, by the time HBCU students graduate from their respective colleges or universities, they enter the workforce with a polished and refined resume. Because of the nature of the boot camp, this makes the process to enroll incredibly competitive. As such, EWU extends its hearty congratulations to sophomores Divine Ogugua and Adeleye Mesogboriwon!

“I applied for this boot camp because it was started by Netflix, which I think is pretty self-explanatory as to why I wanted to apply in the first place. Being able to participate in this boot camp means that I would get a head start on the tech industry, something that is undeniably becoming more and more important to the job market.” Mr. Mesogboriwon says. “It’s not easy to juggle coursework and this boot camp, so knowing that I was selected for this motivates me to do as many things as I can while I can, because opportunities should always be explored when they can be.”

Adeleye Mesogboriwon

“I am grateful for the opportunity, I was excited about the prospect of being selected for this program. The application process is incredibly competitive, so when I was selected, I really felt like my hard work paid off”, Ms. Ogugua commented. “Once you’re selected, there’s another stage that you have to go through, like writing an essay or submitting a video. Even before being selected, the program already keeps you quite busy!”

Both Ms. Ogugua and Mr. Mesogboriwon are incredibly accomplished students. Since their enrollment at EWU, they have emphasized the importance of taking risks while in university, citing that it is incredibly beneficial to the development of students’ curriculum vitae or resumes. They will participate in this Netflix boot camp for the entirety of this spring semester, with classes being held online every Tuesday and Thursday.

Being granted such an incredible opportunity during an age where technology and media is consistently consumed proves to be a feat that these two sophomores will do well with. Both Mr. Mesogboriwon and Ms. Ogugua major in Biology, with Mr. Mesogboriwon citing that even though he chose a Biology major, he recognizes the importance of technology in everyone’s everyday lives.

Much like their peer Shanneaka Anderson who was on a Student Spotlight in December, their advice to their classmates is the same: do not be afraid to take risks while in university, because those opportunities and risks just might contribute to some of the most valuable lessons that anyone can learn!

Again, Edward Waters University wishes the best of luck to these two students! We know you’ll do amazing in this program, and in your future endeavors!


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