Edward Waters College (EWC) students, faculty, administrators, staff, and special guests gathered on the first floor of the Centennial Building of the Main Library for the official opening of the new front door to the research community, EWC’s Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR).  Edward Waters College is a member of the National Council on Undergraduate Research, and members share a focus on providing high-quality and collaborative undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative inquiry opportunities for faculty and students.

The opening of the Center for Undergraduate Research, is a part of the physical manifestation of the Emerging Eminence agenda, which is a major milestone for EWC’s research strategic direction. In addition to serving as the research front door to the college, CUR anchors EWC as “best in class,” which the institution predicts will increase its competitive profile and attract high-achieving students.

“We are continuing to push the needle forward on Edward Waters College’s competitiveness; and our emerging eminence will require innovation, boldness and audacity,” said Edward Waters College President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. A. Zachary Faison, Jr. “As the Center for Undergraduate Research begins its work, a number of scholarly activities are already planned, and we look forward to promoting an innovative and robust environment of academic excellence at EWC.”

Dr. Donna H. Oliver, Edward Waters College’s Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs hosted the ribbon cutting— along with CUR Co-Directors Dr. Stephanie Campbell, Interim Associate Provost for Academic Student Success and Research Initiatives; and Dr. Monique L. Akassi, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. “This is a significant moment in time for our college,” said Provost Oliver. “President Faison charged me with creating ‘the front door’ to connect the research world to our great college. The grand opening of CUR represents a major step forward, and a celebration for all of us. “Emerging Eminence,” is our mantra for excellence, and the Center for Undergraduate Research is where it begins.”

After the ribbon-cutting, guests were able to explore the resources and facilities. The Center for Undergraduate Research will be bustling at EWC. The Center will host the Inaugural Conference on Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Research Initiatives at Edward Waters College on Friday, April 5, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. This will be the first conference of its kind to be held on an HBCU campus.  Additionally, the CUR will house two peer reviewed journals.  The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry will be  EWC’s academic journal, providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to publish their scholarly papers on a local, national, and international level; in addition, EWC’s students—and students globally—are encouraged to submit for publication consideration. Moreover, the Journal of  HBCU’s Research Initiatives at Edward Waters College will publish select faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate student papers globally. 

“Indeed, we are becoming a destination institution of Emerging Eminence, and we will continue to work with great vigor and focus towards providing the students we serve with a higher educational experience that is Nulli Secundus—Second to None!,” President Faison professed.


About Edward Waters College

Edward Waters College (EWC), accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges, and Schools (SACS) and member of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), is a private, historically black, urban college which offers a liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on the Christian principles of high moral and spiritual values. EWC was established in 1866 and is an African Methodist Episcopal Church-related institution of learning. It is the first private institution of higher education in the State of Florida.