Dr. Brian Seymour, Biology Professor and Director of Health Disparities, has been awarded $150,000.00 for two years from the National Science Foundation for his grant proposal entitled “Characteristics of the Annual Airborne Pollen Spectrum in Northeast Florida”.  This is the first step in the establishment of the first ever pollen station certified by the National Allergen Bureau (NAB) of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) in Northeast Florida.

The program was funded for 2 years as a catalyst grant with a possibility to achieving future funding upon the successful completion of the initial research. Approximately $20,000 is set aside for student assistance and summer internships.  EWC will also receive approximately $37,000 for indirect cost from this funding. This is the first time that EWC has ever received funding from this prestigious organization. It is also rare to receive a grant from this institution on the first attempt.  According to Research Gate (an organization that tracks citation impact from research), Dr. Seymour is the most cited researcher at EWC with a citation impact of more than 5,000 (the amount of times Dr. Seymour has been cited in scientific journals and books) .