Dual Enrollment

Ms. Juliette Johnson
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Office: (904) 470-8079

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students who meet the GPA requirements of the institution to earn college credits while they are in high school. Dual Enrollment shortens the time to graduation from a post-secondary institution and saves money. Edward Waters College partnered with Duval County Public Schools to enhance the educational experience of our local high school students by implementing the Dual Enrollment program in Spring 2015. The Dual Enrollment Program has expanded to include charter and private schools within the Jacksonville area. The Dual Enrollment program GPA requirements are 2.5 unweighted GPA or 2.0 weighted GPA to enroll. Questions about the Dual Enrollment Program can be addressed to [email protected] or by calling 904-470-8079. 

Students that are eligible for the program can take their courses during regular class periods at their assigned high school during the fall and spring terms. The college may even approve for eligible dual enrollment students to take one course at their high school site during the summer term if approved by the school district. 

The courses selected for the dual enrollment program satisfy both high school credit and college credit. Edward Waters College has become compliant with the Florida Statewide College numbering system to assist with the transfer of college credits throughout the higher education system.  Parents and students are advised that the college credits earned to the credit required for their high school diploma, and to the ramifications and responsibilities of initiating a permanent college transcript.

To promote student success, all dual enrollment students are required to take SLS 1103-Introduction to College in the first two semesters of their participation in the program.  The Florida Department of Education’s articulation committee maintains a list of dual enrollment courses identified to meet high school graduation requirements. This list contains certain semester-length postsecondary courses deemed of sufficient rigor to earn a full high school credit.  The current list can be found on the Florida Department of Education website at http://www.fldoe.org/schools/higher-ed/fl-college-system/academic-student-affairs/dual-enrollment.stml. High school credits will be awarded per the status list at the time of student enrollment.

The following courses are currently among the Dual Enrollment Course offerings:

  1. SLS1103 or equivalent college orientation course
  2. ENC1101 – English Composition I
    • Prerequisite: English II (High School Level Course)
  3. ENC1102 – English Composition II
    • Prerequisite: completion of ENC1101 – English Composition I course with a “C” or higher
  4. AMH2010 – US History I
  5. AMH2020 – US History II
  6. POS2041 – American Political Structure
  7. MAC1105 – College Algebra
    • Prerequisite: Algebra II (High School level Course)
  1. MGF2106 – Finite Math
    • Prerequisite: completion of MAC1105 – College Algebra course with a “C” or higher
  1. STA2023 – Elementary Statistics
    • Prerequisite: completion of MAC1105– College Algebra course with a “C” or higher
  1. MAC1114 – Trigonometry
    • Prerequisite: completion of MAC1105 – College Algebra course with a “C” or higher

Eligibility and Continuation for Dual Enrollment

  1. High School Grade Point Average and Prerequisites:
    • 2.5 unweighted GPA or higher and a B average in subject area courses
    • 2.0 unweighted GPA to enroll in SLS1103 or equivalent college orientation course
    • 2.0 unweighted GPA or higher with the completion of SLS1103 with final grade “C” or higher and a B average in subject area courses
    • Students must take SLS1103 within the first two semesters of participation in dual enrollment with preference being that the course is taken during the first semester.
  2. Status as a junior or senior.
    • Sophomores in their second semester with a 2.5 unweighted GPA may enroll in SLS1103 only.
  3. Students must meet all prerequisite requirements for any academic dual enrollment course prior to registration. Students using courses from another accredited post-secondary institution or test scores (such as AICE, AP, IB, or CLEP scores) must submit official documentation to the college at least three (3) weeks prior to the term.
  4. Maximum course enrollments will be as follows:
    • Maximum of three (3) total dual enrollment courses per semester for all postsecondary institutions, including at the College.
  5. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 college grade point average.
  6. If a student posts any grade of W, D, or F in a single term, regardless of cumulative high school or college GPA, the student will not be permitted to take dual enrollment classes in the following term.
  7. Students must adhere to College Expectations for Student Conduct and their High School Student Code of Conduct (“the Code”). Students who disrupt the educational process shall be referred to the appropriate program manager for discipline in accordance with the Code. Discipline may include ineligibility for further dual enrollment participation.
  8. Senior-level students may not register under dual enrollment for courses with the College that conclude after their high school graduation.
  9. Exceptions to eligibility requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis using a standard waiver process and will require prior approval from both participating high school and the College. Exceptions will include both academic and behavioral considerations. All requests for exceptions must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of the term and a determination for such exception will be made prior to the first day of class.

The college has also developed partnerships with other Charter and Private schools in the Duval County area. For further information regarding Dual Enrollment, please contact Ms. Johnson, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, at [email protected]or (904) 470-8079.

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