Distance Learning

Dr. Jean-Jacques Medastin
Dean of Distance Education & Learning Support Services
Office: (904) 470-8119

Edward Waters College (EWC) is positioned to serve the evolving needs of the students, region, and state of Florida in the coming decades.  As a part of this commitment to academic growth within the region and globally, the Office of Distance Learning serves as a hub to increase the digital footprint of the College. Fostering cross-disciplinary research, partnerships, global leadership and innovation within the academic enterprise, the Office of Distance Learning will strategically position EWC to offer an online student support option that will facilitate best-in-class experiences within the academic and related student service offices.  Further, the virtual ecosystem will allow students to network beyond the local community through national and international teambuilding that will occur through a diversified body of scholars opting to enroll at the institution beyond the Jacksonville locale.  Such an opportunity will drive the global initiatives of the institution and expand the academic profile as related to the College’s mission and strategic goals.


Our Online Course Management System is Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment or Moodle. Moodle can be accessed by clicking on the “Moodle” icon (shown to the left) or by clicking HERE

The College is focused on strategically strengthening its programmatic offerings, course utilization and design, as well as student and faculty support in the area of distance learning. As such, students and faculty will benefit from not only asynchronous learning, but also the provision of opportunities for web-conferencing and live streaming to accommodate student questions in real-time, yet from a virtual platform.  Further, the institution has increased its learning management system (Moodle) capacity to accommodate the need for complete online student support operational functions.  To that end, the Office of Distance Learning is committed to a programmatic undertaking that reinforces the self-motivation and discipline necessary for students to complete coursework, while promoting teaching excellence through active faculty engagement. Taking this active role in education helps students become resourceful at using new technologies, which results in a tremendous advantage in the workplace. This global positioning of the institution, in keeping with the College Mission, will promote “excellence in scholarship, research and service for the betterment of humanity” within the national and international landscape.

Instructions for Logging in to Moodle: 

If you have signed up for online courses, then you will visit Moodle to receive instruction, get your assignments and submit your assignments. Again, this is solely for ONLINE COURSES.


Instructions for logging into Moodle for the first time are on the front page or may be downloaded by clicking on this link: http://online.ewc.edu/mod/resource/view.php?id=61

If you have any issues with logging in, do not know your Edward Waters College login credentials, or have any questions about determining your password, please contact the Edward Waters College IT department help line at (904) 470-8170  or support@ewc.edu.


  • Computer/tablet/smart phone or similar device with personal access to the Internet
  • A college-issued username and password
  • Web-browser software – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • Windows operating systems, LINUX, or MAC OS X or higher.
  • Antivirus software
  • Word-processing software: Microsoft Office or download Open Office for free. (As an active student to Edward Waters College, you can download the Microsoft Office suite through Office 365 for free.)
  • Plug-ins, including current versions of Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, QuickTime, and Java.
  • Additional hardware, including ear-buds, headphones, speakers, and/or microphone.
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