Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

The Edward Waters University Bachelor of Science in Sport Management program is designed to give students the knowledge and abilities needed to be successful in a range of careers in the athletic, health, and country club industries as well as in entry-level management positions in collegiate and professional athletic organizations. In addition to covering important subjects like facility and event administration, financial management, leadership, and business planning, this curriculum focuses on helping students become experts in sport marketing, promotions, sales, marketing analysis, and fan behavior. The course work is structured to keep up with the rapidly changing sports sector and to ensure that Edward Waters University graduates are competent and successful in their chosen fields.

Academic Resources

High School Graduates (First Time in College) Application Requirements

  • Completed admissions application
  • Official High School Transcripts
  • Official College transcripts where dual enrolled classes were attempted
  • Official ACT and or SAT scores

Edward Waters University ACT code: 0724
Edward Waters University SAT code: 5182

High School Transcript

  • Admission consideration is given to applicants with standard high school diplomas from an accredited high school.
  • Submit an official copy of your high school transcript showing work through the completion of your junior year.
  • Transcripts are considered official when received directly from the issuing institution electronically or in a sealed envelope with the school’s seal and/or official signature. Your enrollment for the application term and year is based upon review of your final high school transcript with graduation date listed.

Minimum Requirements

  • GPA: High school applicants who have earned at least a 5 cumulative grade point average and have taken the ACT or SAT with a composite score of at least 14 (ACT) or 800 (SAT) are considered for regular admissions to the college.
  • High school applicants who have earned at least a 0 – 2.49 cumulative grade point average and have under 14 (ACT) or 800 (SAT) are considered for Provisional admissions for the Charles H. Pearce Institute (Summer term). Scores reported on high school transcripts can be used to evaluate applicant admissibility. 

High School Curriculum
Admission consideration is given to applicants who have earned a standard high school diploma and completed a minimum of the following:

English – 4 years or units
Mathematics – 3 years or units, including Algebra and higher.
Social Science – 3 years or units
Natural Science – 3 years or units

Foreign Language – 2 years or units Optional (If a student has not taken two years of a sequential language, they are still admissible to the college, but they will be required to take 6 credit hours of a foreign language.) 

Advance Standing Credit
You can earn a maximum of 30 combined credit hours in advanced standing credits.

Advanced Placement (AP): Course credit for applicable courses is awarded for earning a score of “3” or better on the Advanced Placement examination. It is possible to receive advanced course placement without earning course credit.

International Baccalaureate (IB): Course credit for applicable courses is awarded for earning a score of “5” or above on the International Baccalaureate examination. It is possible to receive advanced course placement without earning course credit.

Transfer students who wish to enter into the public health major, must have earned at least 30 credits, have an overall GPA of at least 2.5, and a math and science GPA of 2.5 or higher in science major courses in order to qualify for admission. Additionally, students must have successfully completed chemistry and biology courses appropriate to their class standing upon transferring. Students who transfer with less than 30 credits must meet the admission standards listed above.

Students that do not meet admission standards can apply as a conditional student to the program. Conditional students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA in all first year courses and meet with an academic advisor two times during the semester.

From 2021 to 2031, it is predicted that employment in the entertainment and sports industries will rise overall by 13%, substantially faster than the average for all occupations, adding roughly 95,500 new positions. Opportunities come from the need to replace people who permanently leave their occupations in addition to new positions created by expansion. The estimated number of openings annually, due to both growth and replacement requirements, is 106,200.

In May 2021, the median annual wage for this category was $49,470, which was more than the $45,760 median wage for all jobs.

First Year

FALL                                                                                         SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS

ENGL 104 Composition and Rhetoric 1

or ENGL 103 Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition                                      3

SPMT 260 Overview of Practices in Sport 1                                                         2

SPMT 270 Sport Marketing 1                                                                             2

SPMT 304 Sport Psychology Management and Practice 1 SPMT 319/SOCI 319

 Sociology of Sport                                                                                            3

Select one of the following:                                                                               3

MATH 140 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences           

MATH 152 Engineering Mathematics II  

MATH 168 Finite Mathematics  

MATH 172 Calculus II   

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      13



SPMT 262 Human Capital Management in Sport 1                                              3

SPMT 272 Sport Marketing Issues 1                                                                   2

Select one of the following: 1                                                                3

COMM 203 Public Speaking      

COMM 205Communication for Technical Professions    

COMM 243 Argumentation and Debate

Select one of the following:                                                                   3

MATH 142 Business Calculus    

MATH 151 Engineering Mathematics I  

MATH 171 Calculus I    

Life and Physical Sciences                                                                                  3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      14

Second Year


SPMT 265 Professional Communication for the Sport Industry 1                          4

STAT 201 Elementary Statistical Inference                                                          3

American History                                                                                              3

Language, Philosophy and Culture                                                                     3

Life and Physical Sciences                                                                                  3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      16


POLS 206 American National Government                                                          3

SPMT 295 Introduction to the Culminating Experience 1                                     1

American History                                                                                              3

Creative Arts                                                                                                     3

Life and Physical Sciences                                                                                  3

Directed elective 1,3                                                                                         3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      16

Third Year


POLS 207 State and Local Government                                                               3

SPMT 360 Organizational Issues in Sport 1                                                         3

SPMT 362 Sport Leadership 1                                                                            3

SPMT 364 Financial Management in Sport 1                                                       3

SPMT 366 Sport Facility and Event Management 1                                              3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      15


SPMT 370 Fan Behavior in Sport 1                                                                      3

SPMT 372 Sales Strategies in Sport Organizations 1                                            3

SPMT 374 Strategic Sport Marketing 1                                                               3

Culminating experience 2                                                                                  3

Directed elective 1,3                                                                                         3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      15

Fourth Year


SPMT 460 Sport Business Planning 1                                                                  3

SPMT 470 Application of Marketing Strategies in Sport 1                                     3

Culimating expeirence 2                                                                                                3

Directed electives 1,3                                                                                        6

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      15


SPMT 462 Leadership Application in Sport 1                                                       3

SPMT 472 Data Analysis and Problem Solving in Sport 1                                      3

Culminating experience 2                                                                                  7

Directed elective 1,3                                                                                         3

Semester Credit Hours                                                                                      16

            Total Semester Credit Hours                                                                 120

After successful completion of this program, more than 70% of the students will be able to successfully:

  1. Use clear and concise communication to convey relevant public health information so that decision makers can formulate informed decisions.
  2. Utilize technology (such as computers, accounting software, information databases) to facilitate and enhance public health and epidemiological reporting processes.
  3. Identify the appropriate environmental and disaster preparedness issues critical to analyzing public health and other information used for identifying and assessing opportunities and risks, developing organizational plans, allocating resources, and accomplishing objectives.
  4. Employ national, international, and historical perspectives to analyze public health issues Identifying ethical issues associated with public health situations and apply appropriate principles of ethics and civic responsibility.
  5. Use analytical and research tools to m

    After completing Edward Waters University’s Bachelor of Science in Sports management program, graduates will:

    • Be able to evaluate and combine information and data, and coherently convey their findings.
    • Be able to show competence in the leadership and management facets of sport.
    • Be familiar with the combination of management and marketing theory, administrative concepts, and the unique nature of sports.
    • Be familiar with the extensive and complicated sports industry.
    • Demonstrate a knowledge of the value of moral character, ethical conduct, cultural sensitivity, and lifelong learning.
    • Frequently contribute to sport management and/or related professions.

    onitor evolving public health standards and practices and to maintain professional skills in a changing public health environment.

The Edward Waters University Bachelor of Science in Sport Management program, one of the most reputable in the nation, trains students to be leaders in the sports sector. In order to do this, it combines a wide core curriculum that offers the necessary success-oriented abilities with chances for advanced application in one of our three area concentrations. Sport managers at Edward Waters University gain the business acumen necessary to steer the future of their field as well as a comprehension of how sport affects society.
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